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José Manuel Marques at 90 Segundos de Ciência: Cabeço de Vide Mineral Waters as an analogue to Mars

José Manuel Marques presented his project, in collaboration with NASA, concerning the study of the mineral waters of Cabeço de Vide to understand the water-rock interaction and possible microbial activity in the “Red Planet”. Listen to the...
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Amílcar Soares interviewed by RTP regarding the potential environmental impact of the Retortillo uranium mine

Amílcar Soares interviewed by RTP regarding the potential environmental impact caused by the operation of the Retortillo uranium mine, about 40 kilometers from the Portuguese border. 20 Feb, 2018, 20:47 / Updated on Feb 20, 2018, 20:47 | Specialists...
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Digital Innovation in Mining Industry: the management of uncertainty

In an article of Ingenium focused on Engineering and digital transformation Amílcar Soares explains how the digital innovation in the mining industry can contribute for the management of uncertainty. Amílcar Soares refers to the greatest challenge of...
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CERENA in Antarctica: 2018 Campaign – Media Appearance

  Media Appearance January 30th Expresso: Portugal leva quatro cientistas portugueses e 101 estrangeiros para a Antártida January 31th DN: Cientistas portugueses a caminho da Antártida February 1 st Público: Cientistas portugueses de regresso...
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The project “Water treatment of Lagoa das Furnas” of Prof Jorge Carvalho on the RTP Azores Television News

The project “Tratamento da água da Lagoa das Furnas/”Water treatment of Lagoa das Furnas” of Prof Jorge Carvalho, from CERENA, as highlight news on the RTP Azores Television News:
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Metodologias de Integração de Processos para o aumento da Eficiência Energética na Indústria in Indústria e Ambiente nº 106

Maria Cristina Fernandes, Henrique Matos and Clemente Pedro Nunes published an article in the magazine Indústria e Ambiente concerning the Process Integration Methodologies for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Industry. Metodologias de Integração de...
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Amílcar Soares presents Real-Time Mining project at 90 Segundos de Ciência

  Amílcar Soares presented the Real-Time Mining project at the 90 Segundos de Ciência, from Antena 1   Ep. 239 Amílcar Soares – Real-Time Mining: o projeto que vai dar um passo em frente na automação das operações mineiras More about...
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Oil and Gas in Portugal’s offshore: Transition to low-carbon energy requires exploration of oil and gas new reserves

In an article  of newspaper Expresso, Amilcar Soares explains that to accomplish the goal of Paris Agreement by limiting the rising of global warming to well below 2oC by 2100, new reserves of oil and gas must be discovered. This is an achievement of...
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